Helping Couples build Better Relationships

Couple Therapy

What's it all about?

Love relationships, at their best, provide an opportunity to discover and nurture our authentic selves. Our need for validation and our fear of rejection is often so strong that we become guarded from the most important person in our lives; our love partner.

Sex Therapy

How does sex therapy work?

First, as the training supervisor of a hospital-based Sexuality Center I may have seen more individuals and couples with sexual issues in a single year (I was at the hospital for over 20 years) than most psychologists see in a lifetime.

Meet Dr. Block

Board Certified in Couple therapy by the American Board of Professional Psychology, Dr. Block is a senior psychologist on the staff of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Medical Center and an Assistant Clinical Professor (Psychology / Psychiatry) at the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ Medical School.


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