Naked Intimacy

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Joel D. Block, one of the founders of the modern self-help movement, entices the reader to take his or her clothes off emotionally with a love partner, a daring and courageous act, to be sure, but one that ultimately brings new vitality and eroticism to a relationship. Based on interviews with more than 200 people whose experiences speak directly to readers, concerns about love, happiness, fulfillment, and sexuality, Naked Intimacy is an important work that challenges love partners to do what it takes to achieve even greater levels of intimacy in a relationship.

Dr. Block examines the many factors that hold us back from real love. He offers concrete ways to overcome the fears that keep us from communicating honestly and staying emotionally connected with our partner, and he explains how to avoid wasting time and energy trying to change or ‘fix” each other.

From a reader ( “After reading Naked Intimacy twice, I was amazed at how profoundly it had changed the way I perceive my own love relationship, a truly remarkable piece of work.”