Saving My Life

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What if I told you…After my mother’s third marriage ended in divorce I became a thug who was kicked out of high school, got arrested three times (including Brooklyn House of Detention) and learned to drive on stolen cars?

Now what if I said…I am an award-winning psychologist on the faculty of 2 medical schools, the author of over 20 books who’s managed a lasting love and that I’ve become the go-to guy for healing love-sex fissures in relationships?

Beating the odds is the story of my life. So, how did I beat the odds to get here—from loser to winner—and what did I learn while saving my life that you could use in your own life? I’m still learning, but there are teachable moments in these pages.

It has been an adventure for me to recount the events that brought me down and those that were at the center of my life-saving efforts, and I hope it is for you as well. My goal is to tell it straight so that you may put some of what worked for me to use in your own life, if you wish.