Stepliving For Teens

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Growing up in a stepfamily can be pretty confusing sometimes, but you’re not alone. There are nearly 16 million teens living in stepfamilies in the United States-and almost 1 million new teens entering stepfamilies each year! Although there are books that may help teens cope with divorce, what about life after divorce? In question-and-answer format, Stepliving for Teens covers a wide range of actual stepfamily concerns like: “What should I do if my parent tells me one thing and my stepparent says something else?”, “I feel guilty having fun with my father and stepmother when my mom is alone. What should I do?”

This book explores a lot of the situations that you, and other teens, face each day, from control issues to crushes, and everything in between. The questions raised are from real teens just like you and are answered by a psychologist who was a stepchild twice and specializes in teenagers and stepfamilies. Also straight-talk advice from other step-teens.

High praise from a reader ( “I do not often come across books about which I say, ‘I wish I had written that,’ but Stepliving For Teens is one of those books.”