The Real Reasons Men Commit

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Finding a forever man is still something today’s independent woman wants. Who can blame her? Love is the drug. And Mr. Right holds the promise of that profound and enduring emotion. With him, life is full and rich and a wee bit easier to navigate. It’s a natural instinct for the single woman to be anxious to find “the one” – to get her chance at everlasting love.

Most men, however, are not in the same hurry. Even discounting female biological pressures, their timeline is quite different. For example, if a guy’s already in a sexual relationship and the subject of commitment remains elusive, it’s likely because he’s quite content with where things stand. His girl may be great, the sex may be great, but settling down, well, that may not sound so great.

The truth is most single women often mistake convenient companionship and ready sex for indications that the man they’re with wants a future with them. One thing they don’t understand, though, is that mutual attraction for each other doesn’t always carry the same meaning for him as it does for her. The romantic stuff women love –flowers, candlelight dinners, heartfelt email exchanges- also doubles as male foreplay.

Women, on the other hand, tend to set their sights set on an entirely different payoff. In chick-ville, sex leads to love and that inevitably leads to forever (and ever). For men, sex is frequently…well, just sex. Having it with him will make him want more of it for sure! But it won’t make him commit.

So how do you know if you’re on the road to forever when it’s clearly a slippery slope between convenience and commitment? The answer is detailed in The Real Reasons Men Commit.